Water Systems

Water Systems

  • Reports, maintenance analysis, system economics, alerts and emails,data monitoring.
  • Flow Computer Systems

OMNI6000, FlowX 

Order, design, configuration, pre-test, FedEx shipping, wiring documentation, remote analysis, OMNI dual orifice and turbine applications.

Spirit FlowX

(Pending flow computer requirements.)

OMNI6000 Flow Computer Applications:

  • Configuration development and setup.
  • 16 simultaneous Ethernet Cat6 communication users.
  • User configuration for 2 Ethernet IP address information.
  • 2 serial rs232 or RS485 2wire communication application.
  • Configuration for 4 user IP connected network printers.

Optional network printer HP laserjet 600 M602

  • Protocol Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU, Modicon

Option: Protocol , IP pre-specified and configured to Client’s Ethernet Network specifications

  • 12 DI/DO, 24vdc
  • Option 1: Additional (2 serial rs232c) or (1 rs232 and 1 RS485 2wire peer to peer use).
  • Option 2: 1 set additional 12 DI/DO , 24vdc
  • 12 AO, 4-20ma, 24vdc
  •  24 I/O for Measurement
  • 4 density frequency input
  • 8 flow pulse input
  • 12 AI , 4-20ma, 24vdc, (optional selection RTD PT100 table)
  • API Table Selection
  • 16 products customer defined, 0-1.2 spgr
  • Custom Data Packets
  • Custom Reports
  • Snapshot, Batch, Daily, Proving
  • Custom User Displays
  • Vendor Support Software Available
  • Accessibility for individuals with visual impairment:

Window Eyes compatible website

Systems for remote custom application monitoring per customer requirements. 
Custom applications relating to the home owner

Invisible Fence of Texas and New Mexico 
Monitor and alert detection of failed underground wire loop security.